Sun Warrior Organic Plant Based Protein Powder


My husband and I both really like protein shakes after the gym, as we have transitioned our diet to a more plant based diet. My husband always worries if he is getting enough protein when he is working out, in order to convince him to stay on the plant based eating path I had to find a good healthy alternative to the traditional whey protein powders.

In the natural foods section there are a variety of different powders but some of them are not so good and often the consistancy is just not right.

The Sun Warrior Blend combines, three raw protein sources, pea, hempseed, and cranberry seed. Medium chain triglycerides from coconut oil enhance the plant based protein.


  • Soy free / Dairy Free

  • Vegan & Raw

  • Gluten free / Free of artificial colors, flavors & solvents.

  • Non GMO

  • They have a complete amino acid profile

  • Have 19 grams of protein / O grams of sugar per serving

  • Made in the USA

  • Recyclable Packaging


I have tried the both the chocolate and vanilla warrior blend and I have to say they are both really good. I tend to use the vanilla because its more diverse in what you can add to it, I can easily throw in fruit or veggies to make a shake. My kids also really like this powder they love it and hardly notice it in their morning shakes. I use the powder in a few different ways. I can just drink it with water which is okay, I mean no real protein shake is that good adding just water but in a pinch it works, or  I’ll add it to a smoothie with veggies and berries or with non- dairy milk like almond milk and throw in a couple dates for sweetness.

Sun Warrior offers trial sizes of these products so you can try them out before committing to a big container. You can purchase them at Whole Foods but they are a whole lot cheeper to buy on line at Amazon or Thrive Market.

I also like the chocolate but I just don’t find my self using it as much so I usually buy a smaller container of this.

The Sun Warrior powders are also are free of gums that are often used in protein powder as a stabilizer. Sun Warrior uses Konjac Root and Fenugreek which are both natural stabilizers in their blends.

Sun Warrior Blend Blend Raw Vegan Protein Powder in Vanilla, $41.61

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