Book Review: How Not To Die by Michael Greger MD with Gene Stone

I just finished listening to the incredible book ‘How Not To Die’ by Michael Greger MD thanks to my Amazon audibles app, it took about 17 hours but was well worth it! I would have never been able to find the time to read this otherwise. I literally have zero time to read between work and kids and when I finally get a minute I just want to watch Housewives of Atlanta on the couch and chill. I love listening to audibles when I’m driving, getting ready or cooking….I know this sounds like an informercial for audibles its totally not I’m just obsessed with it lately as its enabled me to “read” so many of the books that I’ve been meaning to read.

Okay so enough about that lets talk about “How not to Die”, by Michael Greger MD with Gene Stone. I can’t say enough good things about this book I really loved it. I already  subscribe to a plant based diet so for me it just reaffirmed why. In this book they go through different disease’s chapter by chapter and how not to die from them, hence the title. It’s an in depth look on how our diet and eating choices effect us and our health. This book has so much great information and is such a great reference tool for anyones library. This book is extensively well researched, each chapter has been painstakingly cited and referenced. In the end of the book he provides tips on how to incorporate certain foods into your diet and a plan of how to help prevent disease. Dr. Greger has his daily dozen of what you need to incorporate into your diet, I love this list as it is exactly what I should be incorporating into my diet every day, its not hard to follow or super expensive to enact, and by providing a practical guideline with easy to-do tips we’ll all be well on our way to living the healthy life we all deserve by learning ‘How Not To Die’!

This book as well as Dr. Greger’s non for profit nutrition website is an excellent resource for anyones library I strongly suggest reading it! You can find it here.