Mushroom Coffee?

I always love trying to new wellness trends but I have to admit I was a little hesitant when trying Mushroom Coffee I mean it just doesn't sound right. I was pleasantly surprised and I actually really like the taste. Yes, it's different than coffee but it tastes pretty close. It super easy to use just add water, then milk if you so desire. I found that it still gives you that nice coffee buzz but not the coffee jitters or upset stomach. This is a great coffee alternative if you're looking to give up coffee or just switch up your regular routine. 

Why Mushrooms? To combat the acidness of coffee Foursigmatic added a highly alkaline forming Chaga mushroom extract, chaga is an antioxidant, antiviral, and immune boosting. A cool fact about Chaga is that it tastes really close to coffee, in fact in Finland they used chaga as a coffee replacement during World War 2.

The Mushroom coffee mix also contains Cordyceps mushrooms that add an extra energy boost and allows this blend to use less than half the caffeine as regular coffee. Cordyceps also help with adrenal support.



Half of the caffeine of regular coffee

No jitters

No crashes

Coffee is antioxidant rich

Boost your metabolism

Supports adrenals

Low acidity easier on stomach

Use 100% Arabica coffee, grown with no pesticides

Price: Around 14.99 for a 10 pack / Is a little cheaper at Thrive Market.

Also, side notes the founder of Four Sigmatic also has a great new book about all the healing benefits of mushrooms you can get it here.