Schmidts Jasmine Tea Natural Deodorant

I have been looking for a product like this for a long time, Schmidt's Jasmine Tea Natural Deodorant @schmidtsnaturals is designed for sensitive skin. I have super sensitive skin, and I find a lot of natural deodorants have baking soda in them and I can't use them. Baking soda irritates my skin and makes my underarms red and swollen if I use it almost like I have a chemical burn, when this first happened I was like WTF is happening until I realized it was the baking soda that was causing it. Fortunately, this Schmidt's deodorant has no baking soda; instead, they use magnesium to neutralize oder then essential oils and arrowroot powder. I find it works well, I have to say I also love the scent I'm usually not a huge scent person, but has the perfect hint of light jasmine not too perfumey at all; it just smells fresh.

Like most natural deodorants at least for me, I notice that you do need to reapply maybe at least once during the day on hot days or if your really active. You can find this deodorant at Target, or Amazon. Do note that when switching to a natural deodorant there is a little period where your body needs to adjust to not having the chemicals and detox so you need to give it a little time before you can see the results of the natural deodorant. $10, Has anyone else tried this? What are your favorite natural deodorants?