Battington Lashes

At first sight, I love the little white and gold case these lashes come in, it makes a perfect reusable container and gift. Battington lashes have a little thicker band that I usually prefer but it does make them sturdier and last longer for multiple applications. The lashes are thick and full yet still feel pretty lightweight on. The pair I tried were the Monroe's and I have to say they worked pretty good, I would recommend them if you are looking for more of a dramatic lash that has lots of volume and length. Because they have the thick band its definitely more of a dramatic look.  They also do offer a demi half lash that I need to try out and might be good for more of a natural look.  Pros: multi-use they say you can use them up to 25 times, 100% silk not human or synthetic hair so they are cruelty-free, lightweight, and handmade. 


To Buy: $24,  Detox Market, or Battington