Jade Roller


I love simple inexpensive easy beauty tips and tricks. I was first introduced to the Jade roller by on of my best makeup artist friend’s @labeautymakeup.  Jade is said to have healing powers, and was used by the Ancient Chinese to help achieve smooth, youthful skin. Its said that jade rollers have been found in tombs dating back to the 12th century…but does this ancient tool really work?


Improve blood circulation and skin tone.

Promote lymphatic drainage

Reduce puffiness and wrinkles

Eliminating toxins

Improve elasticity of the skin

Reduce dark circles

Tighten pores, the roller remains cold even when on the skin.

They say its good for sinus problems, headaches and hangovers.

How to use it:

Jade rollers are quick and easy to use, you want to roll it upwards and outwards. Traditionally its said that you start on the right side because that is how the body energy flows. You can also use these on the eye area going outward, upwards on the neck and outward from the chin along the jaw line. If you like it extra cold you can leave it in the fridge before use, it feels refreshing and works great if you are a little puffy in the morning.

Our review:

I really like using the jade roller. I like that it helps absorb product into the skin and can help eliminate puffy eyes it works especially good once its cooled. I would suggest using a light touch when first getting your skin use to the jade roller. I find my self using it at night with my facial oil and then again when I apply my moisturizer in the morning. If I can remember to stick it in the fridge the night before it works as a help wake me up. This roller in particular that I used is good because it has two sizes on either end, one is perfect for the eyes and around the nose and the other side is the perfect size for your face.

To Buy: 

Credo Beauty has a good jade roller for around $28 ! There is also this cute one on Amazon that comes with a neck stone as well for $15.

Have you ever tried a jade roller? let us know what you think!