What is your approach to wellness?

Wellness to me is continually evolving, finding those new things that work amazing and those that just don't. Wellness should be affordable to all and most of all flexible. I have little kids and a full work schedule, and we all know how things tend to change daily. I always say that I crave a ‘normal routine’, but if I actually had one, I fear I might be bored. So I try to plot and plan my week on Sundays, so that I can fit in my workouts, errands and all that fun stuff. I love meditating and this is something I do every morning. I get up early (before everyone gets up), I meditate and do a little ‘Yoga with Adriene’. This is a must for me, even if its only 5 minutes of yoga and a 10 minute meditation, it helps set my day. Like everyone (it seems at the moment): I love celery juice! It's is a lot of work, but it helps my stomach and digestion. I eat a mostly plant-based diet, workout, use clean beauty products and overall try to incorporate lots of self-care.

Do you get free products?

Most of the time I purchase the products I review and write about. There are times though that I do get sent free products to try out, but please note that this does not influence my decisions or reviews. All opinions on this site are my own.


Why should we listen to you?

Because: “I'm like so special!” Just kidding! ;) Well let's start with my background: I have been a Los Angeles based makeup artist for the past 16 years, working with lots of different celebrities in print, TV, commercial, and events. I was also the Beauty Editor of LA Based Fashion and Beauty Magazine Genlux for five years. I've studied health and wellness for the past ten years and incorporate this into my beauty editing and career as a professional makeup artist. I love searching out products and services that are effective, clean of toxins and priced well. I think wellness is something everyone should be able to have access to. I try to find a mix of some luxury items and most importantly affordable products, services, info, and techniques.

What Can we expect from this site?

I want this site to be super simple! I have tried in the past to have a bunch of big stories and multiple contributors, but my eyes were bigger than my stomach per se and it never really worked that way! So with this newly updated site, I am aiming to have it be a simple exploration into health, wellness, and clean beauty. I know this might sound a little corny! But I truly only wish to highlight those fab wellness finds and clean beauty products that I have tested, used and like. I will post honest reviews of products and keep it as real as I can. There are some affiliate links, but that doesn't influence my decisions or reviews. No cheezy Ads or selfies. ;)