Honest Beauty Truly Lush Mascara + Lash Primer

I have been exclusively using this mascara for the past two months and I have to say I really like it. I love that it stays on all day, does not flake off or smuge under the eye (which is often hard to find in clean beauty mascaras). It definitely lengthens while adding volume to the lashes, it’s also really easy to remove and does not irritate my sensitive eyes…I had heard the old formula was irritating peoples eyes. The only thing is the primer does not seem to last as long as the mascara…but to be honest I don’t always use it and I don’t really think it makes that big of a difference if you use it or not. Lastley you can now purchase this at Target if your in a pinch…but if order Honest Beauty products online you can get a good deal for bundling the products together.

Bottom line: Its $22 which I know is a little expensive but it’s clean, works and lasts so I would totally say its worth it.

Tip: Apply the primer then wait 30 seconds before applying the mascara. If you want extra lush lashes try adding another coat.

Price: $22, you can buy this now at Target or at honestbeauty.com

Budget Tip: Here is the deal with the honest bundle, if you bundle three Honest beauty products together it comes out to $50, which is a great deal if you are purchasing more expensive products. Then every 5 products after, you get 25% off up to 5 products, so really you could almost have a full set of makeup for around $100.